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Do you want to read webmail only mail systems such as Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live Mail, AOL
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Paul Barlow
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16 January 2007

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GetMail is a smart and powerful email redirecting tool which makes changing your email accounts simple.
The objective of the tool is to forward your mails from multiple accounts to another email account. This makes it easy and manageable for you to use a single mail account without opening multiple accounts. It also makes transformation into a new email account such as gmail from hotmail, MSN, or POP simple. You can perform a mass migration of your mail accounts as well as receive any new mails still going to your old mail accounts. You need not waste time reading the same mails again in two places as forwarded mails are marked read or deleted. These forwarded mails can pass through a spam filtered account for better management of the new account. This tool can also be used as a security check on your child’s email account.
GetMail is a Windows tray application tool available for free making life easier for those who have to maintain multiple mail accounts.

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Do you want to read webmail only mail systems such as Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live Mail, AOL, Yahoo on your mobile device such as a Blackberry. GetMail will help by forwarding your email to a standard POP3 account that most mobile devices support.
Featuring built in support for Hotmail, MSN, Windows Live Mail accounts with WebDAV access. Other email accounts such as free Hotmail, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo Mail and AOL accounts can be forwarded by combining GetMail with a free POP3 proxy program such as YPOPS or FreePOPS. GetMail supports POP3 accounts so you can forward on the mail of email accounts that use this protocol such as most ISP based email and GMail.
Version 3.3
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